Playing with Coordinator Layout

Lately I needed to build some kind of overlay screen that looks like the one that shows when you open the phone when you don’t have a lock screen. This is a simple overlay screen that should be dismissable when the user swipe it out from the lower part of the screen, something like this: […]

Animated Vector Drawable

In API 21 the Android team released bunch of very cool things for material design, most of the things focus around the design specs like colors or transition animation, other were for the new widgets like FAB, card view or recycle view, but within all those things there were also two things that barely discussed- VectorDrawable and AnimatedVectorDrawable. Edit: looks like those […]

Kotlin- a better Java for Android?

A couple of weeks ago, when going over some Android DevSummit videos, I encountered in some question about alternative language for Android during one of the fireside chats session with the Android team. It was really interesting that there was another way to develop an Android apps but unfortunately I didn’t fully catch the name of the language […]